Blessed Are The Peacemakers, Damned Are The Warmakers

Author Yvonne Lorenzo observes that, among American Christians, “there appears to be very little in the way of public protests against military actions and incipient war.” Yvonne Lorenzo points out that peacemakers like Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard are vilified for standing up … Continue reading

‘The U.S. must stop supporting terrorists who are destroying Syria’

Tulsi Gabbard Claims to Have Met With Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Yahoo News:  Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, announced Wednesday that she has returned to Washington, D.C., after a weeklong “fact-finding” trip to Syria and Lebanon. Gabbard’s office said in a … Continue reading

The New Appointees Have The Same Old Wall Street Connections

Maybe Donald Trump should pick Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State? Those choices Donald Trump is considering for the most important jobs seem to represent the same connections as did his defeated and disgraced opponent, party being the only real … Continue reading