The Bitcoin Craze And The Public Banking Movement

How are they alike and how are they worlds apart? Public Banking Institute Year-End Update: December 12, 2017 No less then half a dozen major cities and three states have made significant moves to start  independent banking systems outside the … Continue reading

Election Encouragement for Non Monopoly Public Banking

Phil Murphy wins New Jersey’s governor’s race.  A populous state dominated by many Mega-International banks seems unlikely to be second only to North Dakota in forming a State Bank. It would hold, spend, lend and account for every dime of … Continue reading

The Public Banking Institute, a Logical Response to FED Fraud

Los Angeles Public Bank effort gains more steam Public Banking Institute News: October 10, 2017. “Strong steps taken by LA City Council toward a Public Bank for Los Angeles have drawn a good deal of media attention, including coverage by … Continue reading

Progress in California by Volunteers to Bypass Monopoly Banking

The Public Banking Movement is a local volunteer effort to by-pass the cost and risks of the Central Banking monopoly known as the Federal Reserve System (FED). Volunteers have worked to educate politicians and influential citizens in many states and … Continue reading

American Public Absorbs Loss From Treasury Debt Plunge

Three months of lower Treasury debt (TD) prices has wiped out about one $trillion in the value of all Treasury Bonds, notes, and bills which represent about 5% of its total value. The American public is, unknowingly the biggest owner and … Continue reading

The Public’s Subliminal Awakening To Wall Street’s War Plans

‘Mom & Pop’ are Running for the Investment Hills Beginning in the last week of August investors have experienced a torrent of stock selling.  But small investors, whom Wall Street condescendingly dubs, ‘Mom and Pop,’ began dumping both bonds and … Continue reading

Co-op Bank Movement Alive & Well

Public Banks can compete the with Central Bank (FED) cabal  The Public Banking Institute (PBI) is a unique citizens’ volunteer organization with a mission, writes WHTT Editor Chuck Carlson:   It is trying to teach us how to protect our wealth … Continue reading

US Supra-Gov Policy in Syria is Clear but Evil

Financial Times of London, David Gardner writes:  The US has no coherent policy for Syria or the wider region Chuck Carlson disagrees: We say US war policy is obvious and transparent, but is hidden from us in the confusion created by respected media … Continue reading