Why Public Banking in California and North Dakota

Public Banking Institute writes:  “Victory in California! Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature has made AB 857 — the grassroots-generated, people-powered Public Banking Act — the law in California. The California Public Banking Alliance has been tireless in educating legislators, drafting language, … Continue reading

Election Encouragement for Non Monopoly Public Banking

Phil Murphy wins New Jersey’s governor’s race.  A populous state dominated by many Mega-International banks seems unlikely to be second only to North Dakota in forming a State Bank. It would hold, spend, lend and account for every dime of … Continue reading

The Bankers’ Unfolding Scheme for War on the Millennial Generation

Part 1:  A Trumped-Up Assault on World Peace A most critical fact about President Donald Trump is that he is an invention of the International Bankers Cabal (IBC) that owns and controls the Federal Reserve System. The IBC is the … Continue reading

Progress in California by Volunteers to Bypass Monopoly Banking

The Public Banking Movement is a local volunteer effort to by-pass the cost and risks of the Central Banking monopoly known as the Federal Reserve System (FED). Volunteers have worked to educate politicians and influential citizens in many states and … Continue reading

Co-op Bank Movement Alive & Well

Public Banks can compete the with Central Bank (FED) cabal  The Public Banking Institute (PBI) is a unique citizens’ volunteer organization with a mission, writes WHTT Editor Chuck Carlson:   It is trying to teach us how to protect our wealth … Continue reading