Christian Zionist Faith Bible Church, YWAM, Ted Haggard, and Five Needless Deaths

Behind Matthew Murray’s Church Executions: More Blood on Judeo-Christian Hands (Original title) Matthew Murray may be the first known assassin to aim his weapons at Judeo-Christians because they were Judeo-Christians. He was an insecure, deeply disturbed young man in need … Continue reading

Christian Zionism Is a War Based Religion

Christian Zionism is a war based, political religion wrapped around the notion that the modern state of Israel is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. It is a form of dispensational Christianity that is less than 200 years old. and, where … Continue reading

Still More Blood On Judeo-Christians’ Hands

Only one week before 20-year old Adam Lanza carried out his shooting attack in Newtown, CT, we re-sending this update of our 2008 account of 24-year old Matthew Murray, who shot members of two evangelical religious groups, killing four and wounding … Continue reading