Israeli flags alternated with American flags lined both sides of Ward Road

On Sunday morning, October 14, a large banner hung on the front of Faith Bible Chapel, an openly Christian Zionist church, reading ISRAEL AWARENESS DAY.

A few days before the Jerusalem Post carried a story by TRISTAN STURM exposing the dangerous path to war resulting from Demonstrations for Christian Zionism in Israel.

Dr. Sturm’s website provides a screen shot of the now unpublished story, and tells us:
Christian Zionists Support Israel’s Risky Policy Decisions [Oped originally published at the Jerusalem Post but censored and removed because of pressure from the Christian Zionist lobby–]

You may read it here: The Quest to Induce the Second Coming

Worth while stories of our 8 year struggle to expose Christian Zionism in the USA: ““>
Posted by Charles E. Carlson August 25, 2012


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