A Palestinian Love Story and a New Museum to Tell the Story

We met the remarkable Ana Michele last summer at the Holy Land Trust‘s month long Iktashef Experience, based in Bethlehem, in the West Bank of Palestine. Ana Michele went to Israel and Palestine to find out for herself about the conflict because she had been inspired by a college professor that told a different side of the conflict, not widely known in the US.


Ana Michele (r.) and Noah and Marcus at the Tent of Nations, near Bethlehem, doing volunteering work with other internationals in their vineyards.

In this 25 minute interview, Ana Michele tells us about the transformation she experienced in Palestine that led her to help with the founding of the Museum of the Palestinian People in Washington, DC. If after hearing her inspiring stories about the Tent of Nations farm near Bethlehem and a heartwarming encounter with a Palestinian family she met in a refugee camp near Bethlehem, you may want to donate to the museum (Click Here). As mentioned in the program, there is a survey being taken by the museum to help them with ideas to eductate the public about Palestinians. (Click Here)

Ana Michele at the Um al Kheir Bedouin homestead near Hebron, in the Palestinian West Bank. Her camera holds great interest to these Palestinian children.




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Maritime Maggie
September 18th, 2018

It seems the trouble lies with the Zionist Christian church movement in the U.S. backed by the Israeli dominated U.S. government. They are trained to hate the Palestinians by being fed false doctrine from their church leaders in support of the Zionist Jews who can be proven through genetics today they do NOT have a drop of Abraham’s blood in their veins. Many Palestinians are genetically related to Abraham, which qualifies them as the pure Semites living in that region, and not the current impostors Jesus warns about in Scripture. The sooner the world learns this truth, the better off the Palestinians will be and peace may finally come to the land.

May we suggest the museum seek and publish this truth from the various Kingdom Identity Ministries in Britain, the US, and Canada who teach about the origin of the 12 Tribes of Israel, how they came through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (whose surname was given by God as ‘Israel’),the Covenant God made with them, and what is prophesied for them in today’s world.