Anti-Zionism Is Not Anti-Semitism

Four Zionist organizations, including the ADL, tried to prevent Alison Weir of If Americans Knew from speaking at Clovis Community College in Fresno, CA. Her speech was "Uncovered, Israel's ... Full Story

Opening the public bank floodgates

By Public Banking Institute The California Public Banking Act has shown that legislative tides have turned and it ... Full Story

California Follows North Dakota’s Public Banking Example

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law authorizing local governments to charter public banks. We Hold These Truths sees this act as an enormous condemnation of the Federal Reserve controlled banking ... Full Story

Yes, there are Christians in Palestine

The vast majority of Christians visiting the Holy Land of Israel, only visit the "Dead Stones" sites like the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem built over the site where it is believed to be the site where ... Full Story

Why Public Banking in California and North Dakota

Public Banking Institute writes:  "Victory in California! Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature has made AB 857 — the grassroots-generated, people-powered Public Banking Act — the law in California. The California Public Banking Alliance has been tireless in educating legislators, drafting ... Full Story

Is Christianity A Religion of Peace or War?

  With all the support from American evangelical Christians for America's serial wars, a stranger unaware of the teachings of Jesus might conclude that Christianity is primarily a religion of war and ... Full Story

The Three Ugly Faces of World Conflict

That the United States has a war based economy should be universally self evident but is not. Think of war at the apex ... Full Story

Poll Shows Strong Majority of Americans Oppose Attacking Iran

The poll by showed 58 percent favored a non-military approach, with 48 percent calling for diplomacy and nine percent saying the US should take no action at all. By contrast, only 5 percent supported ... Full Story

Christians Pray While Armed Soldiers Lurk in Background

Millions of American Christians have been deceived about the plight of their Palestinian Christian brothers and sisters in Christ. Our Palestinian friend and brother in Christ, Rev. Alex Awad sent us this amazing article that describes the plight of Palestinian ... Full Story

New War Talk While 30+ Civilians are Killed in Old War

Yes, it's true. Wall Street, big oil, Washington politicians, and the banking world, all of whom finance and profit from the wars in the Middle East, want to bomb Iran because they say Iran bombed a Saudi oil facility.  But ... Full Story

Is Israel Fighting for its Survival?

In response to Israel's continued demolitions of Palestinian homes, Kairos Palestine has issued a new statement. Palestinian Christians in 2009 formed Kairos which has published a document titled "... Full Story

Two Palestinian Teenagers Shot to Death while Protesting

Since the start of the border protests in Gaza on 30 March 2018, the Israeli occupation forces have killed 318 Gazans and injured over 31,000. A large percentage of the injuries are the result of Israeli snipers ... Full Story

Steve Elkins On Dodging War & Economic Chaos

Popular Republic Broadcasting Network host, Steve Elkins of the "Off the Beaten Path" show joins Chuck Carlson and members of We Hold These Truths to discuss where the current occupant of the White House is leading ... Full Story

RTR Truth Media with Chuck Carlson on Causes of Wars

Tom Lacovara on RTR Truth Media interviews Chuck Carlson about the three ugly faces of world conflict: the armament lobby, the Federal Reserve System and Christian Zionism. Tom covers a lot of ground with Chuck that ... Full Story

Who Decides on Money, The President or the FED?

"The Fed Is Courting Disaster by Leaving Interest Rates Too Low" Nichole Gelinas is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. She writes on urban economics and finance. She is an author of After the Fall: Saving ... Full Story

Sherry’s War – A Second Look

Chuck Carlson wrote a  series of groundbreaking articles in 2001 about a self-professing, Christian named Sherry, with whom he had dialogued. In this series, Chuck Carlson reveals how Sherry's acceptance of war is a foundational portion of her religion. At ... Full Story

Evangelical Christian Leaders Challenge Christian Zionist Theology

Over 100 evangelical, Christian Presbyterian theologians, including the highly respected, Dr. RC Sproul, were signatories to "An Open Letter to Evangelicals and Other Interested Parties: The People of ... Full Story

Is Gaza Occupied Territory, The World Says It Is!

Please take 2 minutes to watch this powerful eyeopener that appeared on Aljazeera's program, "Reality Check" and pass it on! Reporter Mehdi Hasan challenges ... Full Story

Pastor Awad, East Jerusalem Baptist Church, on Occupation

This opinion piece by our Palestinian friend, Rev. Dr. Alex Awad, articulates that "Palestinians are obliged to continue enduring over half a century of Israeli occupation in which their rights have been consistently trampled upon." [Ed.-TEC] Israeli ... Full Story

Zio-Christians Legitimize Israel’s Land Theft

In this thought provoking, 23 minute program, Craig Hanson and Tom Compton join Chuck Carlson to discuss the issue of property rights in Israel.  What about the ... Full Story

Palestinian Christians In The Shadow of Christian Zionism

Millions of American Christians have been conditioned to ignore the plight of Palestinians, including their Palestinians brothers and sisters in Christ. Our Palestinian pastor friend, Rev. Alex Awad explains, in the video and article below, the effects of ... Full Story