Pastor Chuck Baldwin Thinks Evangelical Christian Zionists Are Driving Americans to Atheism

Pastor Dr. Chuck Baldwin was a Christian Zionist and a protege of Jerry Falwell, the founder of the Moral Majority in the ... Full Story

Deceptions Preached Inside Christian Zionist Churches

This is the first podcast in a series entitled "The Christian Bible, War & Peace, and Where Is America Going Wrong." We Hold These Truths' Craig Hanson was asked by a Christian friend to review a sermon, "Trust Issues" ... Full Story

Christian Zionists and the Christchurch Massacre

Chuck Carlson and Craig Hanson of We Hold These Truths discuss Chuck's article,  "Devout Christians and Israeli Zionists are Responsible." ... Full Story

Countering Christian Zionists Dual Allegiance

Millions of American, evangelical Christians don't even realize that they have been conditioned to believe that the modern state of Israel is ... Full Story

Tribute to Linda Compton: A Compassionate Christian Peacemaker

Linda Compton was the beloved wife of one of We Hold These Truths founding directors, Tom Compton. She went home to be with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ on November 1, 2016. Linda was loved by all ... Full Story

Christchurch Massacre: Devout Christians and Israeli Zionists are Responsible

*Israeli Zionists are coaches for the acts of churchgoing Christian Zionists (CZ hereafter). We Hold These Truths will not take an accessible, wrong path by joining those who blame the standing President and his politics for the massacre at a ... Full Story

Christian Zionist Leaders: Hardly Peacemakers

Jesus was the Prince of Peace and taught his followers: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God" (Matthew 5:9). Why do so many prominent, Christian Zionists ignore what Jesus taught? Find out why in this ... Full Story

The Unholy Trinity for War

The Federal Reserve, Christian Zionists, and the Current White House The Federal Reserve System (FED, hereafter), is primarily responsible for the course of our sickening national debt, now about $22 trillion dollars. Christian Zionists are a new player in the war ... Full Story

Chuck Baldwin on Trump’s Wall & Swamp Creatures

Pastor Chuck Baldwin rejoins us with an appeal to his fellow, evangelical, Christian leaders, who have been blinded by President Donald Trump and his cast of appointed "swamp creatures" to his administration. ... Full Story

Does Israel Have a Shoot to Cripple & Maim Policy Against Palestinians?

Israel denies it has a "shoot to cripple and maim" policy against Palestinians, but abundant evidence exists to support this claim. In this 20 min. podcast, members of We Hold These Truths look into these claims. ... Full Story

Inhuman Cruelty In Gaza Exposed by BBC & TRT World

Confirmed: Israel Purposely Cripples, Maims Thousands To Overflow Gaza Hospitals Independent news releases from TRT World and BBC reports both support this author's January 3, paper: “Israelis Shoots to Cripple and Maim in Gaza." Both pointed out that Israeli snipers ... Full Story

Do Pollsters Shape Statistics to Warp Public Opinion?

We are about to learn a tragic lesson.  It is that we must totally distrust the mind-warping commercial media, right along with most elected politicians.  The NORC Poll* (identified below, and upon which we will be basing ... Full Story

Israel Shooting to Cripple and Maim

More on how the media controls the narrative of the Israel-Palestine issue: I read a Christmas interview of an enthusiastic young Israeli Jew who claimed to be converted to Christianity.  He asserted that Christians should stand for peace, but they ... Full Story

How the US Media Controls the Narrative on the Israel-Palestine Issue

The firing of political commentator, Marc Lamont Hill, by CNN is an excellent example of how the MSM (Main Stream Media) controls ... Full Story

Why Synagogue Leaders in Nazareth Tried and Failed to Kill Jesus

Jesus remarked, while teaching at the synagogue in his hometown, Nazareth: “Truly I say to you, no prophet is welcome in his hometown." Pastor ... Full Story

‘The world stands disgraced’ – Israeli shelling of school kills at least 15

A Murder story in today's Guardian; WHTT comments: Only in Gaza can the world look the other way while a neighbor systematically murders unarmed persons almost daily. Jewish power over the press hides acts like this one from all but a ... Full Story

The US Regime Change Game From Iran to Venezuela

With a straight face, the power brokers of the US government say they want to bring democracy to Venezuela. Never mind that Venezuela is already a democracy, and its socialist leaders have been reelected repeatedly.... Full Story

U.S. Meddling in Venezuela for Oil Control

The US has a history of "regime change" operations designed to bring into power compliant leaders who will do the bidding of the US. The latest country is Venezuela, where the POTUS (President of the United States) has declared the ... Full Story

Donald Trump, John Hagee, Zionism And The Chabad

Pastor Chuck Baldwin has been interviewed by We Hold These Truths twice. What is remarkable about this article by Pastor Baldwin is that, near the end, he reveals: " I spent over 30 ... Full Story

Chuck Baldwin Explains Why Executive Orders Are A Path To Tyranny

Declare A State Of Emergency To Build The Wall? Chuck Baldwin will be our special guest on our broadcast Wednesday, ... Full Story

Malaysian Boycott Results in Israeli Name Calling

Palestine has been recognized as a country, at the United Nations, by 138 countries, including Malaysia, who understand the injustice of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. According to a Washington Post article, "Malaysia says it won’t host ... Full Story

‘If American’s Only Knew’ Spells Out Source of War Risks

WHTT writes about Issues for Christians, and this is one!  The presidential election will be a crowded marathon with boiling personalities hiding most real issues.  Foremost among these is World Zionism and Zionists, for there is little room ... Full Story

Gold as Money Discussed at Conference in Colorado Springs

WHTT's Chuck Carlson was a guest at the annual Denver Gold Conference, where Goldmoney was cosponsor, and where two officers of the company were keynote speakers.  I urge readers to invest an hour in studying this entire report in the ... Full Story

Will “zionized” Christians be Irrelevant by 2024?

"Zionized" Christians make up a large number of Evangelical Christians, aka the "Christian Right." This article from the Daily Kos contends that the numbers and influence of the Christian Right are in decline. We're not familiar with the Daily Kos, ... Full Story

Israel Continues with its Shoot to Cripple & Maim Policy in Gaza

The latest Reuters January 11 release from Gaza, supports editor Charles Carlson’s January 3rd observation, “Israel Shoots to Cripple and Maim,” that Israel’s defense forces are shooting to maim Palestinians rather than to kill them.  In this ... Full Story

Texas Fires Speech Therapist for Not Signing the Israel Loyalty Oath

In this revealing, 3 minute interview with Bahia Amawi by the Intercept, she explains why the state of Texas would not renew her contract as a speech therapist in the Austin, Texas school district because she would not ... Full Story

The Birthplace of Jesus Is Being Walled Off

We say, "Open, Bethlehem!" Sure, tourists can still enter Bethlehem from Jerusalem by transiting the wall and checkpoint that separates Israel from occupied Palestine. Most of the Christians visiting the Holy Land have been ... Full Story

In U.S. media, Israel is untouchable

Political commentator for CNN, Marc Lamont Hill, has been fired by CNN for speaking about freedom and justice for Palestinians, in an address given at the United Nations, not on CNN. Numerous, influential Zionists ... Full Story

Religious Bigotry Revealed at Israel Honoring Church Event

It's very rare for We Hold These Truths to get media attention at on of their vigils in front of "zionized" churches. Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, CO held their 40th "Night to Honor Israel" recently, but WHTT ... Full Story