Sheldon Adelson’s Republican “Primary” And Israel’s Occupied Territories


Op-Ed: “The West Bank is under military occupation, and that’s a fact.”

It seems that the New Jersey governor, Chris Christie has committed another faux pas with his mention of the “Occupied Territories” in Israel at gambling mogul, Sheldon Adelson’s Republican “Primary” held in Las Vegas.  In polite company here in the US, one should never refer to the Israeli Military Occupation of Palestine.  Much to its credit, the [Jewish Telegraphic Agency:  The Global Jewish News Source] gives both sides of the debate in Op-Ed pieces by two Israelis:  “The West Bank is under military occupation, and that’s a fact” by Jessica Montell and “‘Occupied territories’ is a flawed and biased term” by Alan Baker.  Check out both of these pieces.  And, don’t miss John Stewart of the “Daily Show” and his take on “Occupied Territories”:  “Absolve and Report – Super Donor Sheldon Adelson.”

Is Support For Israel Waning Among Evangelicals?


Review of “Is Support Waning for Israel Among Evangelicals” by Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Religious News Service, Washington Post, April 9, 2014

Brog.David-CUFI-02The Washington Post story seems deliberately confusing regarding “evangelicals’ support for Israel.”  It quotes Israeli David Brog, bemoaning that “evangelicals are now somewhat evenly split on supporting the rights of Israelis and Palestinians.”

Israeli Zionists quoted in this story say they are concerned about lack of support for Israel.  But the Post writer then goes on to contradict this even-steven popularity notion by quoting the respected Pew Poll, which tells us that “evangelicals” are still overwhelmingly sympathetic to Israel and could care less about the Palestinians.  So which way is it, who are the “evangelicals,” why are the Ziochristians worried, and why this story?

At closer reading, the Post story tells us that those overwhelmingly pro-Israel “Christians” are in fact those who believe that political Israel is ordained by God and “is the fulfillment of biblical prophesy.”  This is the classic definition of what a Christian Zionist believes.  It may well have had its beginning in We Hold These Truths vocabulary.

The story does not tell us that the “evangelicals” who oppose Israel for its brutal occupation of the Philistines would normally deny the above definition. These “evangelicals” include the Evangelical Lutherans (ECLA), Evangelical Presbyterians, Presbyterian Church USA, many Methodists, and a dozen other denominations and major organizations.  These, including The National Council of Churches and at least one Catholic order, would likely consider themselves ‘evangelical’ (small “e”) because they are ardent mission believers.  But none of these would accept the idea that Political Israel is ordained by God and “is the fulfillment of biblical prophesy.”  They would (or should) say this statement is not supported in scripture, and they would be right.

Neither this story nor David Brog’s original essay seriously discusses the recent movement among traditional churches against Israel’s occupation of Palestine.  This is in fact a very broad and well thought out movement that could hardly be overlooked, though perhaps still a minority in the big churches from which it is sprouting. Instead, the Post provides only the most flimsy example of this opposition to Israel from various polls.

Sadly and perhaps intentionally, the Post author quotes only one non-traditional pastor, with his own organization and seemingly crackpot theory, as an example of those who support the rights of the Philistines over Israel’s right to occupy and imprison them.

Unfortunately, the Washington Post story does not quote any of the several mainline traditional churches that have recently exposed Israel for its acts and oppose occupation on the simplest and most straightforward Christ Follower’s reasons.  In other words, this story, like others we find in the establishment media, allows David Brog a forum to cry in his beer in order to steam up his followers.  Brog has good reason for concern. The Rip-Van-Winkle-like awakening of the mainline Protestant and perhaps even the Catholic Churches is what Brog should be worried about.

Is Support For Israel Waning Among Evangelicals does indeed mention the important conference Christ at the Checkpoint held in Bethlehem each year, and it refers to several prominent and respected US “evangelicals” who have attended the conference and spoken there. Almost anyone who has spent a day or two behind a checkpoint as I have would be moved to tears for the Philistines. There is no denying occupation when you see it.

Yes, there are some ‘evangelical’ churchmen who might support Israel even if they witnessed an Israeli soldiers shoot a Palestinian child on the steps of their church. They have a pat, quasi-biblical excuse for this, that I will not go into here. Truly committed Ziochristians do not quickly change, as the Pew Foundation Poll seems to show.  When they do change, it is one at a time, and slowly. This is why we have chosen the method of polite but firm Vigils in dealing with the like of John Hagee in over a hundred other clearly Christian Zionist churches all over the USA, which taught us much about what they think and say.

However, there is a movement within mainline Christianity in which change is taking place rapidly.  What neither the Washington Post writer nor David Brog reveals is that mainline Christians are catching on to the dangers of Zionism and the result is frightening radical Zionists, both Christian and secular.

For one, Brog did not mention that the Presbyterian Church USA has published  Zionism Unsettled:  A Congregational Study Guide that seriously challenges Israeli Zionism for its brutality.  Nor did he mention Project Strait Gates’s many Vigils at his Christians United For Israel Church meetings, nor our own video, Christian Zionism, The Tragedy and the Turning, in which we call for the awakening of the Mainline church as a vital, best hope for a great and Godly turning.

David Brog is not a journalist; he is damage control for Israel, an Israeli Jew appointed to keep an eye on fanatical and unpredictable John Hagee.  Brog is Israel’s spokesman inside John Hagee’s Christians United For Israel.  Zionists are indeed concerned that Traditional Christ Followers are catching on to what Israel has done to the Philistines for over 60 years.

Brog summarizes the beliefs of most who support Israel, stating:  “Dispensationalists believe the Israelites’ return to the Promised Land is a requirement for the Second Coming of Jesus. They therefore rejoiced when Israeli troops captured the Old City of Jerusalem from Arab forces in June 1967 and saw it as a sign that Jesus was coming.”

But this is not the theology of traditional Christ followers who are now starting to oppose Zionism. Some may even have ‘evangelical’ in their church’s names, but they do not accept the “dispensational” view.  Most of those who consider themselves mainline or traditional Christians consider Hagee theology scriptural game playing, a sort of biblical scrabble…cut and paste theology. Traditional Christianity rejects the notion that any present state was chosen of God, including our own USA, and therefore none is superior to others in God’s eyes. In the theology of Brog and Hagee, Israelis are created greater than all other men.

Toward furthering this illusion, the Post quotes Jews for Jesus director David Brickner. A spokesman for the ultimate Ziochristians, he says: “I long to see the church have a balanced perspective on the Middle East, where you don’t have to throw out the concern for Palestinians to support Israel,” and “I really believe there’s a large middle ground, but it’s hard to do when people are in their polar positions.”

In other words, Brickner tells us Israel’s occupation of Philistine may be over a difference of opinion, where both sides are somewhat wrong.  Occupation may be OK, so long as it’s done lovingly. What he says is that the parties need to do is dialogue for middle ground.  He says this while many Philistine children are suffering from malnutrition, are prisoners behind walls, unable to pass checkpoints, and have only salt water to drink.

Anyone hopeful of understanding why American “Christians” support Israel’s occupation of the Philistines must start with a proper definition of Christian Zionists.  I suggest you watch to Tragedy and Turning to clarify this.

If you are wondering why I use the name “Philistine,” it is to remind readers that this is the Arabic pronunciation of Palestine, and I use it to remind us all that many Palestinians are probably descendants of a biblical people. It is equally true that most Israeli citizens are not, and that their state’s name was chosen from a book (bible) in 1947 and could have been any other name its founders picked.

Charles E. Carlson

1) Is support for Israel waning among evangelicals?

2) Zionism Unsettled:  A Congregational Study Guide 

3) Presbyterian Church Attacked For Publishing “Zionism Unsettled,” Others Applaud

4) Christian Zionism, The Tragedy And The Turning 

Iranian chief rabbi Yousef Hamadani Cohen dies


The leader of Iranian Jews, Rabbi Yousef Hamadani Cohen, has passed away in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

The Jewish community of Iran is mourning the decease of the prominent rabbi who died on Saturday after battling sickness for several years.

Hamadani Cohen who was laid to rest on Sunday, served as chief rabbi of the Iranian Jewish community for many years.

Mashallah Golestani Nejad has replaced him as the chief rabbi.

Iran is home to nearly 9,000 Jews who make up one of the biggest Jewish communities in the Middle East.

They also have representatives in Iran’s Majlis.

 Press TV Iran:

Responding to Paul Larudee; Is BDS “Soft Zionist?”



April 7, 2014

Mr. Omar Barghouti, Co -Founder, BDS Movement.

Dear Mr. Barghouti

I am adding my voice to Paul Larudee’s March 23,  open letter to you.  We have not met, I hope we do.   I am informed that you were a co-founder of an organization, BDS Movement in Palestine which has morphed  into a world wide network of individuals and organizations now referred to as the “BDS movement,” and that you do not  run the day to day project of that network.

To review what Mr. Laradee has already said, someone in BDS, The Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement has materially diluted the founding purposes agreed upon by yourself and 172 organizations in 2005.   The BDS Movement original “Call” urges various forms of boycott against Israel until it meets its obligations under international law by: “(1) ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the barrier Wall,” but this language has now been changed, apparently without notifying those of us who participate in the present, BDS movement.

The new  language is very different, as Mr Larudee pointed out: the  Call urges various forms of boycott against Israel until it meets its obligations under international law by: “Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands occupied in June 1967 and dismantling the Wall.”  Mr. Larudee  calls these words, now found on the BDS website, “Soft Zionism:”  I agree.

This new BDS’s statement of purpose is prominent on its website as “What is BDS.”   It seems to effectively legitimizes confiscation of Palestinian lands taken prior to the “June 1967 war.” Therefore it abandons any Palestinians driven off his property or in exile between 1947 and  June 1967.

Is BDS compromised, Larudee asks?   I have personally observed several instances where this BDS change of purpose is already undercutting American church organizations that are finally beginning to see the cause of the Philistines as a responsibility.

One example is the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA).  In January, a unit inside the PCUSA,  The Palestine Mission Network became the first major church organization to present a comprehensive explanation of Zionism and Christian Zionism,  Zionism Unsettled, A Congregational Study Guide.  This manual  correctly defend the rights of all Palestinians right back to 1947. It tells the story of Nakba, and Israel’s ethnic cleansing of 500 villages, with no punches pulled.

Understandably, Israel and the Anti Defamation League are attacking the PCUSA.  The Presbyterian statement is now stronger and more truthful than BDS’s position.  The Anti Defamation League demand that the PCUSA general convention force its Palestine Mission Network to retract and stop selling Zionism Unsettled, A Congregational Study Guide.  I fear that BDS is confusing churches that are finally waking up to their Christian responsibilities!

Another example of the damage of BDS “Zionism soft” is found in a new article by Marjorie Cohn, Jewish Voices for Peace,  who wrote in, Israel’s War Against ‘BDS’ Movement.  Cohn quotes BDS original founding principles line and verse in defense of it.  Obviously Ms. Cohn and Jewish Voice for Peace do not know BDS has abandon this principal.

Many  BDS movement projects  seem to consume more human energy than can be gained.  It seems to have money to fund projects that do little financially to damage Israel, except very indirectly.  Israel’s most vulnerable side, its need for constant flow of external funds, is rarely spoken of.  “Divestment” is always indirect, where at best the financial damage will not materially limit Israel’s ability to carry on occupation.  In addition, I have noticed in my brief association with BDS movement that it has ignored possible new project that might impair Israel’s ability to occupy Palestine.  This seems to limit “Divestment” to a publicity game.  I will detail examples in a paper to follow after I have your response.

Paul Larudee asked, “is BDS headed in a different direction than its origins would indicate? Is it no longer a Palestinian movement, but rather a “soft” Zionist movement?”  I am concerned that two weeks after Paul Larudee’s open letter, the altered statement of purpose is still on the BDS website.

With Utmost Concern For The Philistines,

Charles E. Carlson,

Founder We Hold These Truths and Project Strait Gate (
Writer: Christian Zionism, the Tragedy and The Turning




The Meaning of Russia In Crimea and Beyond, Part II Reinventing The Cold War


Charles E. Carlson

Putin-Obama-teaPresident Obama has assured us that US intervention into the affairs of Russia and its neighboring Ukraine will not affect or endanger us, and that we have little economic stake in either country.  Yet, he is asking Congress to appropriate more than one billion dollars for aid to the new government of Ukraine, just installed by an armed coup led by the Maidan People’s Union.  Mr. Obama explained his reason:  to make the world a better place and to punish Russia for its aggression.  This is much the same argument used by his predecessors from the Bush family for going into, first, Iraq, then Afghanistan.  President Obama has  a peace-based campaign history, so he can only be yielding to the powerful war lobby.

This writer asserted some years ago, and has repeated often: ”America’s economy is war- based, which is why we have so many.”  This is the beginning text from our film, Christian Zionism, The Tragedy and the Turning, which has recently been awarded a best foreign film award at a film fair in Iran, probably because everyone in the Middle East knows, the business of the US is war. Tragedy and Turning exposes the American Christians’ role in it. (1)

Many before us have tried to warn of the war lobby.  Retiring President, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, called it “The Military-Industrial Complex.”  He worked all his life for this establishment, but he exposed it for the first time in his 1961, farewell address: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military–industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals” (2)

George F. Kennan, did not wait to retire, he quit a distinguished diplomatic career after the Korean war, resigning from the State Department in disgust in 1950, over America’s conduct in Korea and the first Cold War.  Kennan wrote prolifically for the rest of his life, and in his preface to Norman Cousins’s 1987 book, The Pathology of Power, he warned us: “Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military–industrial complex would have to remain, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented. Anything else would be an unacceptable shock to the American economy.”

Keegan also left insight into his soul and life purpose, as he wrote in, At a Century’s Ending “This habitat, the natural world around us, is, as you know, the house the Lord gave us to live in.  It’s the house we were intended to live in.  It’s the house in which man’s struggle was meant to take place and has taken place over the course of the ages.  And, it is the house in which God’s purpose will be fulfilled…Now we can not, of course, alone preserve peace.  Our Russian friends and adversaries will have to make their contribution, too.  But what we can do is to do all in our power to preserve it and promote it.  This we owe to the preservation of civilization.”(3)

We are indeed grateful to  Kennan who confirm that we live in a war-based economy.  His words about Russia should shake us by the collar.  It took fewer than five years after the Soviet Union collapsed for the military–industrial (banking) complex to start its War On Islam, the war To Replace The Cold War.  The powerful USA Military annihilation of Iraq’s pathetically primitive army in the desert of Kuwait in early 1991, started it.  Now, 23 years later, we are returning to face the reconstructed Russia.

If Keenan and Eisenhower were alive today, they would likely tell us America should offer nothing but diplomacy to the Eurasian conflict in Crimea and Ukraine.  We have no more business interfering in Ukraine than if China decided to sanction the USA because of a border or immigration dispute we might have with Mexico!  Russia does have an vital interest there, its trade with Ukraine is nearly equal to Ukraine’s trade with the rest of the world combined! (4)

USA trade with Ukraine is nominal, as President Obama correctly assured us, in a speech on March 26, that Americans have nothing to win or lose in Ukraine.  But we do have much to lose from the dollar cost of wars, that have created more hatred of Americans around the globe.  Our President seems to ignore what the USA is some $17 trillion in debt, largely because his predecessors from both parties have yielded to the war lobby.

 Israel and American Ziochristians’ Role

We were not the first to use the term “Christian Zionism,” but we certainly  arrived at the first, best definition of it:  “It is the belief that the State Of Israel is a Biblical promise from God, fulfilling prophesy.”  Those who practice this errant belief are Ziochristians, conveying that they become Zionists first, with Christian tagged on.

Many millions of Ziochristians have been influenced by Israel’s lobby to support every war Israel desires, as well as its occupation of the land of the Philistines.  The blood of Iraqis, Afghans, Egyptians, Libyans, Syrians and Philistines is on Ziochristian hands, and, on all of our hands to the extent we knew, and did nothing.  Now we are being asked to support a Neo-Cold War already beginning in Ukraine, with USA sanctions against Russian people.

Some of us served time in the military during the original anti-Russian adventure.  We knew, we saw military waste, and some of us became pro-peace!  The best place to find Americans who can help stop the Neo-Cold war is in mainline churches where their faith calls them to peace, if they will only listen to the words they say they live by. Some 40 to 50 million have not been misled to believe warring Israel is a god figure, nor, are they influenced by the un-Christlike evil of “Islamophobia.” Christian Zionism is explained in the 32 minute video, Tragedy and Turning.

The State of Israel’s involvement in a new, Neo-Cold War will, I suspect, be behind the scenes and largely hidden from view.   Israel may already be involved in hidden terrorist acts to upset Ukraine.  Because Russians are historically thought of as “Christian,” the USA-Israel team will not be able to say they are starving and killing Russians (or Ukrainians) because they are hated Muslims.  Israel’s contribution to the Military Industrial Complex has been to whip the American grass roots into support of, what is perceived ,religious wars that are good for Israel, the world’s instructor for Islamophobia.

It appears Israel has changed its tactics in Ukraine.  We can already see change by reading its daily newsletters, one of which is from Unity Coalition For Israel (UCFI).  Its latest theme is that Obama is a weakling who will not stand up to Russia, and needs to be goaded toward war. UCFI‘s feature by Daniel Greenfield titled,  “Obama’s Appeasement Leads to War,” states:  “Every liberal today wants peace. Every diplomat wants to be a peacemaker. But their brand of peace, whether it is the negotiations with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea or Palestinian terrorists, is worthless. The only peace that counts is the one protected by the men of the Strategic Air Command who live the knowledge that the profession of peace can only be practiced with the tradecraft of war.” (5)

Unity Coalition For Israel scoffs at peace without war.  And, UCFI is not just any organization of loud Zionists, it is an Israeli agency masquerading as a volunteer organization.  It is the Godfather of Christians United For Israel (CUFI), and its stated purpose is to influence evangelical Christians.

The US-Israeli war machine should not influence Christ followers, who should be seekers of peace. Jesus Christ’s teachings are, blessed are the peacemakers, love your brother, even your enemy, turn the other cheek. There is no reprisal and retribution anywhere in Jesus’ words.  There is no room for practicing “the tradecraft of war,” that UCFI teaches. It is the military–industrial (banking) complex, whose trade is war.

Last week President Binyamin Netanyahu, speaking to Israel’s Knesset about a recent Israeli killing raid on a target in the Golan Heights, boasted: “We hurt those who hurt us.”  How different from Jesus words, Love your brother, even your enemy, and “turn the other cheek.”  In Ukraine we need not do either, we just need to stay at home and look after our own many problems, including economic ones.

As President Eisenhower warned us, “We should take nothing for granted.” Not from ambitious men including Obama, Bush and Clinton.  Let us also keep watch on how our supposed ally, Israel, markets its new message of war through Christians United for Israel into the evangelical churches.

Foreign press has reported that Israeli military mercenaries will be, and have already operated inside Ukraine.   It is also reported that US, Backwater mercenaries are already in Ukraine. If so, Russia will have no choice but to occupy or annex the Ukraine to protect its thousands of miles of pipelines. If this vast pipeline system is occupied or sabotaged.  Russia cannot back out.


A typical Christian response to this story came from a young woman who visited Russia seven years ago on a Christian mission trip.  Incredulously she asks, “Why would our President do that to Russia?”  

Most of us have yet to accept that war is a business for those who control our political leaders.  Ukraine is a new money game for them.  No one wants to believe Barack Obama would start sanctions that obviously might lead to war for the sake of the war lobby.  To believe this requires one to understand that our President is some sort of puppet whose moves are called out for him like an NFL quarterback with a head set in his helmet.  Obama is so forceful, seemingly so independent, why would he allow himself to be used?

Yes, Americans have been marched into every war for three generations, led by those who foment war for the sake of war itself.  Sad, but true and as George Keenan told us, without war, our economy can no longer exist in present form.  Understanding this, many of our pragmatist friends will go along.   “I guess its better to have war than depression,” one said.  But in truth the financial bubble created by each new war only forestalls the economic inevitable. Our economy is held up by a froth of bubbles, and many of us will live to see it burst.  The rest of the world knows it, even if we do not.

Charlie Rose grilled Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vilaly Churkin on Rose’s  PBS show last week.  Rose repeatedly challenged President Putin’s intent, and Russia’s financial strength to withstand the new sanctions being placed on Russia by our President and Congress.  Churkin, irritated by the repetitions, finally retorted with mild sarcasm:  “You are scaring the hell out of me, Charlie…why don’t you do something about your national debt…this (USA) is a financial bubble…we (Russia) do not have national debt.” This exchange brought the interview to an end!

Popular resistance to more serial wars is needed from a legitimate, spiritual and morally fired up, anti-war movement.  It must place saving lives and averting the eventual destruction of our way of life, ahead of temporary comforts our war based system has provided to us. That means sacrifice.  That resolve will be best found inside America’s mainline churches, perhaps as many as 50,000 of them.  Some are  beginning to awaken to the tragedy of warring.  How about you?

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The Meaning of Russia In Crimea Part I, Charles E. Carlson:

The Ghosts of Jeju: Resisting American Empire Building


We Hold These Truths’ award winning documentary, Christian Zionism:  The Tragedy & The Turning, Part I begins with the statement, “America’s economy is war based and those that plan it, depend on Christians for the support of those wars…”  Most Americans have been conditioned to accept those wars because it’s “patriotic.”

Ghosts of Jeju-01a

We discovered an amazing, award-winning, documentary,  The Ghosts of Jeju, that exposes another dark side of the American Empire and its military/industrial complex.  This is a shocking documentary about the struggle of the people of Jeju Island, S. Korea. Set in the context of the American presence in Korea after World War II, the film reveals horrible atrocities at the hands of the U.S. Military Government of Korea. Fast forwarding to today, the villagers of Jeju island (a UNESCO protected environment) are protesting the construction of a US Military base on their island. This powerful film has something for people concerned about environmental, peace, or social justice issues.

Independent filmmaker, Regis Tremblay, will premier his film in Phoenix at the:

What:  We Hold These Truths Phoenix Film Festival

Where:  Mesquite Branch, Pheonix Library [Meeting Room] - 4525 E. Paradise Village Pkwy., N., Phoenix, AZ 85032

When:  March 25, 2014 – 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

The Meaning of Russia in Crimea and Beyond


Chuck Carlson

Today President Obama unilaterally imposed various sanction on Russia, a de facto act of war, economic sanctions are said to be pending. The Ukrainian revolt was not a surprise to either the US or Israel.  And Russia’s landing in friendly Crimea is Putin’s natural first, but not his last response.


Major Russian oil and gas pipelines traverse Ukraine on the way to Western Europe. (1)

 Russia’s other foot will come down in the Ukraine wherever and whenever there is serious revolt  because it has no choice.  Otherwise the US, and probably Israel’s orchestrated “revolutionaries” will soon control all those natural gas and crude oil pipelines that start from nine entry points in Russia and run everywhere in the Ukraine, and all the way across it to Europe.  Germany buys more gas from Russia than does the Ukraine.  Therefore, Russia must protect its resources from sabotage and expropriation; else it will lose its market for its largest resource upon which it depends. This is obvious from the pipeline map.

We have been thrown a curve by our warmaking government.  And, we can now see why President Obama backed down on making war in Syria; he was aiming for something bigger.  Even Iran seems to be on his back burner.  Yes, Russia sounds too big to pick on, but we must remember, since about 1913, The Business Of The USA Is War.  It should be our national bumper sticker.

We, who opposed the old wars as well as the new ones, need to expose  the link between Ukraine, Israel, the Russian Oligarchs now making their home in Israel, and our own banking Oligarchs and their military complex.  Fortunately, some connections are already out in the open. President Obama is already pressing Israeli President Netanyahu to make a peace pretense with Mr Abbas, the puppet leader of the captive Palestine.  It is necessary to create the illusion of peace in Palestine because Israel will play a big part in Ukraine and beyond in what we will call, World Drone War I.  Those who lead our leaders are serious about war in Russia, to be sold to the American people as a bloodless, “no boots on the ground war,” the very first in the history of the world.   It will If allowed to begin, it will turn into a  long term, expensive marathon.  Iran does not hold a candle to the warmaking value that can be wrung out of the Ukraine crisis.

One sure, little piece of evidence of a long planned war plot against Russia, is that Obama and all his team of world travelers and happy international vacationers, including Senator John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, boycotted the 2014 Winter Olympics, instead of sitting in Putin’s private box.  Not a sole from the US diplomatic corp went to Putin’s grand party, they were all home arranging the coup.  Very un-sportsman like!

President Putin seems to have understands what is coming his way for a long time. A year ago he threw down the gauntlet when he allowed Edward Snowden asylum in Russia.  Putin can not back down because his economy, and probably his life is at stake;  President Obama will not back down because he has orders from the world banking Oligarchy.

It appears  that Israelis were  involved in the coup that forced Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych out of the way.  It is, therefore, likely his replacement, Interim President Oleksandr Turchynov, is a US/Israel proxy.  This make perfect sense if the US and Israel are behind the scheme. Press TV referred to reports published by Haaretz and the Times of Israel on March 1, verifying that, “an Israeli army veteran identified as ‘Delta’ headed a street-fighting unit in Kiev.  The unit, called the ‘Blue Helmets of the Maidan’, was made up of a force of 40 men and women, including several Israeli army veterans. The reports added that the unit was linked to ultra-nationalist groups. The reports said that ‘Delta,’ a Ukraine-born former Israeli soldier, used combat skills he acquired in Israel’s Shu’alei Shimshon reconnaissance battalion of the Givati infantry brigade to rise through the ranks of Kiev’s street fighters… the Blue Helmets comprise 35 men and women, who are led by five ex-Israeli soldiers.  It is very convenient that many Israelis are formerly Russian and speak the language.” Israel regulars were also involved in 2008 Georgia rebellion.

Professor Stephen Cohen, of Princeton University recently observed on Al Jazeera News, “Russia has no choice but to protect its interests in Ukraine.” Whoever controls central and eastern Ukraine controls the gas and oil flow from Russia to Germany and beyond through a maze of pipelines Russia built.  Putin can not allow the USA and Israel or anyone else to control Ukraine with gorillas.

Angela Stent wrote The Limits of Partnership: U.S.-Russian Relations in the Twenty-First Century.(2) CNN Opinion(3):

The Ukraine Parliament voted Yanukovych out of power on February 22, and he fled to Russia. But in a recent news conference, the former President insisted he was still the boss and that he wants nothing more than to lead his country to peace, harmony and prosperity.  At the 2008 NATO summit in Bucharest, Romania, Vladimir Putin told a surprised George W. Bush, “You have to understand, George, that Ukraine is not even a country. Part of its territory is in Eastern Europe and the greater part was given to us.” After the Soviet collapse, Crimea suddenly became part of an independent Ukraine to Moscow’s shock. Moscow and Kiev worked out a deal to divide the Soviet Black Sea Fleet between Russia and Ukraine. In 2010, Ukraine extended the Russian lease until 2042.”

For a more full understanding the Mr. Putin’s motivations, I suggest Allison Weir:” Russia, Israel and Media Omissions” (4),  writing prophetically nine years ago years ago.

Weir warned us that then first term Russian President Vladimir Putin had temporarily rescued the fledgling Russian infant semi-democracy from a mob of “Oligarchs” who had grasped control of most of its huge assets, including oil and gas.  She explained that some of these new business magnates were in affect a Russian criminal mafia who had fled Russia for Israel where they qualified for citizenship, in order to avoid prison in Russia.  Some did go to prison, and some of these Russian Jewish refugees have been showing up at political events in the US, seeking she suggested, political advantage and support here.   Alison Weir has unraveled the Oligarchs’ history  and she rightly complained that the US press was avoided informing us about the anti-Russian lobby from Israel was at work in Washington.  Alison Weir is also author of Against Our Better Judgment..

President Obama is now carrying the torch for the Israeli-Russian Oligarchs, who would have us destroy Russia at our expense and our financial structure with it.   The remaining wealth of the American middle class will be transferred to the US Banking Oligarchy by the cost of this continuous war, funded with Federal Reserve created money.  In the process, it is likely Europe will be thrown into uncontrollable depression. If the USA vs Russia conflict goes forward, as I think is planned, might have a 10 year,  $8-10 trillion war, bigger than Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

As we stated in the very first line of script in our own film, Christian Zionism, the Tragedy and The Turning (5),  “America’s economy is war based, which is why we have so many.” The one effort that can stop World Drone War I, must come from a legitimate, spiritual and morally fired anti-war movement.  At this point in time, this movement can only come from inside America’s mainline churches, who are beginning to awaken to the tragedy of our waring.  You will find the account of this long awaited awakening in the many articles and video’s on the website.

WHTT podcast on this article with further analysis by Chuck Carlson:


(4) Weir: (5) Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The TurningWHTT, 2010:


Presbyterian Church Attacked For Publishing “Zionism Unsettled,” Others Applaud


Zionism.UnsettledIsraeli lobbying organizations, including Unity Coalition For Israel, the Anti-Defamation League, and The Simon Wiesenthal Center have suggested that the PCUSA committee producing the “Zionism Unsettled” (1) Study Guide and DVD is a “hate group” for its effort at what the church group calls the “cause of just peace.” (2) The Wiesenthal Center stated it might “divest all contacts from this institution and call on other Jewish organizations to do the same.”

The Presbyterian Church USA refers to “Zionism Unsettled” as, “A Congregational Study Guide 76-page booklet with a free companion DVD.”   PCUSA stated on January 21st, “Released to immediate critical acclaim, Zionism Unsettled is aimed bring about an end to the silence surrounding the impact of Zionism and to encourage open discussions on the topic in church and society. This study guide is a condensed version of a book entitled Zionism and the Quest for Justice in the Holy Land, which will be published in 2014 by Pickwick Publications.”

We Hold These Truths has for many years voiced similar aims.  Our 2010 video, Christian Zionism, The Tragedy And The Turning, Part 1 (3), 32-minutes, won an award for one of the best foreign films presented at the Ammar Popular Film Festival (4) in Tehran, Iran in January, 2014.  We concluded that film with the statement that the “Turning” away from war and Zionism in churches would take place when Traditional churches joined in the call for Peace and Justice for the Philistines. The last scene of The Tragedy and The Turning concludes with this plea explaining our aim:




We concluded this from our own experience in openly and publicly challenging many dispensational, Christian Zionist churches  over a period of 9 years, to their prevalent blindness to the plight of the Palestinians. We stated that only the Mainline Traditional churches (including PCUSA) could and would be the key to freeing 3.5 million Philistines from occupation.

Our conclusion was and is based on our own, Christ Followers definition of Christian Zionism; It is and always has been the contrived belief that, “the modern political state of Israel is the fulfillment of Biblical Prophesy.” Mainline or Traditional churches, including PCUSA, do not believe this is Biblical; but Zionist churches accept this by definition.   We think our prayer is coming true in front of our own eyes with the beginning of an awakening by many moral and honest leaders, and laymen within several of the largest, and oldest, mainline church denominations, including PCUSA, that has taken a stand and is being attacked for it, as has and this writer.  The attacks go with telling the truth and can not be avoided, and we have not seen PCUSA flinch yet.  This author will in due time provide a full review of both the film and text.  Meantime we urge you to watch Tragedy and Turning, which has been made free.

Responses to the PCUSA release from Zionist supporters of Israel are radical and virulent. One of these is  Israeli controlled Unity Coalition For Israel (UCFI). (2)

Long ago WHTT studied UCFI and learned that it is essentially a lobby, directly controlled by an all Israeli director team, an equivalent to AIPAC for Churches.  It is also the godfather of Christians United For Israel (CUFI), headed by American pastor, John Hagee, and others, who ostensibly control it from their positions within prominent, Zionist leaning, evangelical churches in America.  We have yet to find any mainline churches that participates in CUFI, though Zionist influence can be found inside almost any church, including Roman Catholics.

Literally dozens of inflammatory, Zionist internet attacks have been leveled on PCUSA in recent days.   So many are there, we had to look twice to find its website, ( among the attackers.  Here are a few excerpts from UCFI,  planned I think, to frighten church members into withdrawing or downplaying the Study Guide and DVD, and to intimidate other churches from using  Zionism Unsettled. 

UCFI writes:  “WASHINGTON (JTA) — A study guide on Zionism published by an arm of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is drawing expressions of outrage from Jewish groups.

The guide is “worthy of a hate group, not a prominent American church,” said Rabbi Steve Gutow, president of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. “

“The study guide by the church’s Israel Palestine Mission Network is titled “Zionism Unsettled.”

“… is impossible to separate the toxic actions of IPMN from the PCUSA …The Simon Wiesenthal Center warned …“If this book reflects the feelings of the PCUSA…it will divest all contacts from this institution and call on other Jewish organizations to do them same,” (the center said in a statement)

“The guide was released ahead of the church’s biennial General Assembly, taking place this June in Detroit. The gathering will once again consider recommendations that it divest from companies that deal with Israel’s military. Similar resolutions have been narrowly defeated in the past.”

The attacks on PCUSA and any church that recognizes the human right of the Philistines will be relentless and and angry.  However this time I do not think intimidation tactic will work because other mainline churches are already on the same path of understanding as PCUSA.   We wrote of this growing movement in our letter to Christian Zionist pastors last August, “Church Leaders Join The Call For Peace In Syria.”  In it, we discussed fifteen mainline church denominations that joined in the call to investigate military aid to Israel, because the aid led to the deaths of Palestinian children.  This list included leaders from Evangelical Lutherans (ELCA), United Methodists, Presbyterians (PCUSA), and The United Church of Christ, and others, who wrote to Congress in November 2012.

The PCUSA bookstore (1) sells the Study Guide, with a DVD, at for $10.00.   In part they write:

“Zionism Unsettled: This study guide is produced by the Israel/Palestine Mission Network (IPMN), a grassroots organization of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) established in 2004 with a mandate from the denomination’s General Assembly for the purpose of encouraging wider and deeper Presbyterian involvement with Palestinian Christians and advocating for the human rights of Palestinians under military occupation. As part of its mandate, the IPMN speaks to the church not for the church.”

“It provides a leader’s guide for congregational study of Christian, Jewish and Muslim perspectives on the development of Jewish Political Zionism, liberal Protestant Zionism, and Evangelical Christian Zionism. It examines controversies about Zionism among Israeli Jews as well as diaspora Jews, and gives helpful guidance on how you and your congregation can contribute to the cause of just peace for the people who share the Holy Land and promote more truthful relationships among followers of the three Abrahamic religions.”

We Hold These Truths is not the only group to appreciate this effort or to think it will bring results. Medill Reports,(5) from Chicago, Northwestern University, has this to say about Zionism Unsettled, quoting from Dr. Francis Boyle, University of Illinois, international law professor, who said, he “has much respect for the Presbyterian Church and he is ‘pleasantly surprised’ the IPMN has decided to grapple with this difficult issue.”  Boyle said in a prepared statement, “The nationalistic, exclusionary and racist ideology of Zionism is the exact antithesis of the core spiritual values and moral teachings of all three of our shared Abrahamic denominations. This path-breaking guide and related materials explain precisely why that is true and point the direction toward achieving real peace.” 

We thanks the dedicated few within PCUSA who are responsible for this effort, and we are grateful to those who have helped WHTT to have a part in restoring churches to being Christ Followers.


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Additional References:

Rabbi Brant Rosen defends “Zionism Unsettled:”

Presbyterian Church Attacked For Publishing ‘Zionism Unsettled,’ Others Applaud” - WHTT podcast on “Zionism Unsettled:”

WHTT Film Wins Award at AMMAR Film Festival in Teheran, Iran




Out of 700 international film submitted to the 4th Ammar Popular Film Festival, our film, Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The Turning, Part 1, has been given a special award along with two other international films.  Here’s the announcement:

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